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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote plant-based meals as the number one choice in our community. We help you discover healthy ingredients and prepare tasty meals that are the best fit for you.

Our Vision

We aim for a community where plant-based resources are utilised in a sustainable way to protect the health of our people. We also want to create a friendly environment where health-conscious individuals can feel welcomed, and enjoy plant-based, gourmet meals.

Meet The


Taj and Talibah Branch founded Branch of Life as their way to create their own plant-based solution. They have both battled health issues and have testimonies for how they utilised a plant-based diet as medicine. They have a belief that self-care begins in the kitchen with organic plant-based ingredients.

Plant-based Standards


All of our food is nutritious and delicious.


All of our ingredients are whole, 100% organic, and trusted.


All of our meals are easy quick and convenient to prepare.
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